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Richard Kagan

Bulls Bag Another Win posted by Richard Kagan

The Chicago Bulls beat the Detroit Pistons, 83-71 on Friday night at the United Center.  Chicago has a 42-11 NBA league record and they now have a 14-5 record without Derrick Rose.  In this game, Luol Deng scored 22 points, while Boozer and Noah both had double figures games.  The Bigs did the job tonight while the guards were not that crucial.  Noah was tough down the stretch, rebounding and scoring.  Despite the winning, the main question is when will Rose play?  Also when will Richard Hamilton, in uniorm at the game, play?  The Bulls need a consistent scorer from the outside to take some of the pressure off of DRose.  It is looking more likely the Bulls will get the No. 1 seed in he playoffs.  That's a good three weeks away, a lifeftime, if you follow the NBA. In the game vs. the Pistons, Chicago held Detroit to scoring just 10 points in the 2nd and 4th quarter. Continue reading "Bulls Bag Another Win"

john howard

Detroit Pistons not your bad boys anymore... posted by john howard

The once proud NBA champions, Detroit Pistons have a new look.  Its a UConn look.  Three players figure to be the center pieces are all from UConn, Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villanueva.

 This team definately has talent, but where can it take them.  For the first time in possibly ever, Detroit is a wild card.  An unkown.  Arguably the team's three best players all play the same spot, sg.  Hamilton, Gordan, and Tracy McGrady.  McGrady is big enough to play a lot of small forward, so they might make it work.   Here is a break down:

 PG Rodney Stuckey--has gotten better each season, but not a 82 game starter.  This really hurts.  Will Bynum may get up to half the minutes here.  Niether play is a great option, but it's what they have.

SG  Richard Hamilton--he hasn't played a full season in a while.  He can still shoot and can burn his opponents.  Just not for 20 a night.  Ben Gordon can light it up, but he didn't last year.  He plays better off the bench.  It would be a great luxory to have Hamilton, Gordon, and McGrady all healthy at the same time to have fresh legs at the end of games and take the hot hands.  Terico White may see time here or even some at the point.

SF  Tracy McGrady-- He must play small forward due to Hamilton and Gordon on the team.  If and when he is healthy, he is as good as it gets.  Prince will play here a lotas well.

PF  Tayshawn Prince--can play a lot of small forward and is as consistent as it gets.  He is the type of player that championship teams gotta have.  DaJuan Summers is a hopeful to development here and may get minutes this year. Ike Diogu and Jonas Jerebko will have a shot to earn time.  But, Jason Maxiell has earned the spot and may start if Prince plays Sf.  That will likely happen considering how often McGrady doesn't play

Continue reading "Detroit Pistons not your bad boys anymore..."


R.I.P. Rip? posted by Sabrina

There has been speculation that Doc Rivers has his eye on our very own, Richard Hamilton if Ray Allen will not return to Boston. Let's get real here, as much as we love Rip, he's getting old and can't play like he used to. A trade with Boston wouldn't hurt Detroit in any way; it could only help. Joe D should probably call up Boston and have a chat. After all, Doc Rivers likes experienced (old) players.Continue reading "R.I.P. Rip?"


Orlando Must Own a Big Broom Because They're Sweeping Their Way to Championship! Cavs, Celtics, not so much. posted by Sabrina

I've got to say, watching the NBA playoffs this year hasn't been too exciting. All teams are at 3-0 at this point, except for the Cavs and Celtics series, but I could care less because I don't care for either team. Since the Pistons are nowhere near the NBA playoffs these days, Orlando has become my playoff team. It is easy to see which team is stronger and has more potential. A concern for the Magic is that they haven't been playing any notable teams. We'll see how they do next round when they have real competition! Unlike Orlando, Cleveland and Boston are ridiculously inconsistent. I'm wondering if it's the lack of skills or lack of effort as the series ties 2-2.

P.S. Rondo's behind the back was ridiculous. Hear the crowd chanting "MVP!"

Continue reading "Orlando Must Own a Big Broom Because ..."

david spare

Can Detriot Get Back To Championship Form? posted by david spare

Can the Detroit Pistons ever get back to the way they use to be? My anserw is yes! How can they do that, it starts with the guards. With the championship team the Pistons had three guards that could defend and shoot. Now they have five gaurds and only two of which can defend and one that is getting old (Hamilton). They have to draft a young point guard that is a true point guard and work on Stuckey at the two spot. Or even make a trade for rookie sensation Collison who is going to want a starting job and won't find one in New Orleans. We have some guys down low that can last for a run to the playoffs next year but with Ben Gordon taking crazy shots and no point guard they don't have a chance next season. you trade Ben Gordon to the Hornets for Collison and they have a point guard who has potential and youth draft a replacement for Hamilton and they might be back!Continue reading "Can Detriot Get Back To Championship Form?"


And Another One... posted by Sabrina

I'll make this post short and straight forward. Eleven losses in a row. Will that be tweleve? Then thirteen? Who knows. I think all Pistons fans are experiencing the same feeling of disappointment and frustration. It's really unfortunate that the Pistons have such talented players who just can't get the chemistry right. With the many injuries from the start of the season to the new roster and coach, there is adjustment to be made. We all knew it wouldn't be easy, but I'm not sure anybody expected it to be this difficult. This season seems to be a trial and error experiment, mostly error. It's painful to see the Pistons constantly losing this season, game after game. People have been telling me that I need to pick a new team, but I will stay a Pistons fan, regardless of how horrible this season may be. I'm waiting for them to figure it out because I think that when they do, they will be playoff worthy. But for now, it's a waiting game; a long, long waiting game.Continue reading "And Another One..."


Pistons trade rumor posted by Aarwich

The Detroit Pistons are in preliminary trade talks with the Minnesota Timber wolves. Players include; Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell, and draft pick from Detroit. Al Jefferson along with Brian Cardinal and Mark Blounts expiring contracts from Minnesota. More to come...

Continue reading "Pistons trade rumor"


Welcome Back Rip! posted by Sabrina

For starters, welcome back Rip Hamilton! With an impressive 18 points this game against the Golden State Warriors, Rip made sure his return was not overseen. Although Rip was the talk of the game, Rodney Stuckey was the point leader with an impressive 29 points this game.

Rodney Stuckey has proven that he is not a rookie anymore. He is much more consistent in his shot and now has found a place as a leader of the team. This team has definitely changed since winning the 2004 Finals, but it's a great way to start over. Stuckey has found his place and so have Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. The three rookies all had playing time this game and showed that they have potential. Jonas Jerebko had a few amazing plays, shots and assists, and Austin Daye showed his confidence as he took a chance when he scored tonight. Jerebko and Daye are shining, but Dajuan Summers seems to be left behind. It's a question whether his lack of playing time is due to his lack of skill or adjustment to the NBA, but Jerebko and Daye are taking the spotlight.

A big question in mind was if the chemisty of the team would be broken when Rip and Tayshaun come back, but Rip has shown anyone with doubt that the Pistons can adjust and work together as a team. With Ben Gordon and Tayshaun Prince still out, the Pistons were able to extend their winning streak to a 5 game streak. The expected date for Ben Gordon and Tayshaun's return have not been confirmed, but it seems like they will be playing soon. Tayshaun, please come back soon. I've been saving you on my fantasy basketball team haha. The Pistons may see a positive change with all their injured players back in the line up, bringing the Pistons back to their full potential.

Continue reading "Welcome Back Rip!"

Scott Shepherd

Three Year Bucket List posted by Scott Shepherd

Today, after receiving a pair of free tickets to the Pistons/Nuggets game at the Palace, I had a few reactions.


My first one was, “Hell Yeah! Free Pistons Tickets!”


The second one was, “Have I seen Carmelo Anthony in person?” I had to think about it, but nope, I’ve never seen ‘Melo play.


The fact is, I haven’t seen a lot of the best players in the game play.


When I was younger, I went to a ton of Pistons games, and I saw most if not all of the best players of the 90’s play in person.


But when you spend a good portion of the 2000’s in college, and the rest of it fresh out of college still looking for that high paying job that the $30,000 piece of paper you just received tells you that you deserve, it becomes a little tougher financially to squeeze in a whole lot of Piston games.


Needless to say, I haven’t been to a ton of games the past few seasons. With the exception of Kobe and the Lakers one and only trip to the Palace each season (a streak that I plan on continuing until he retires), I rarely make the hour-long drive to Auburn Hills anymore.


But now that college is out of the way, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, and tonight is a great start.


And since I’ll be getting my first glimpse at ‘Melo tonight, that got me thinking, what other players do I need to see in person?


In response to my own question, I’ve come up with this. It’s a bucket list of the ten players that I want to see play in person over the next three seasons.

Continue reading "Three Year Bucket List"

Andy Natalie

Yet Another 4th Quarter Flushed Down the Crapper By the 76ers (DEC 10) posted by Andy Natalie

The other day Andre Iguodala insisted that the Sixers were not as bad as their record indicated. And then last night (WEDS) they preceded to drop a basketball game to the lowly Detroit Pistons, who are as bad as their record indicates.

The Pistons come from behind in the 4th and win 90 to 86 over the inconsistent 76ers. Now mind you the Pistons are a bad 9 wins and 12 losses while the 76ers 5 and 17. So you be the judge of if you agree with Andre.

Personally, I love "Iggy Hop" but I do think the 76ers are a bad team. Yes they have their moments and they have some raw talent. And now they have the extra juice with the addition of Allen Iverson, the original A I. And there is some positive aspects of all of that.

But I think part of the problem is the ego. I think Andre and his team mates needs to look in the mirror and say "wow we stink". Are they capable of more? Perhaps. But that isn't who you are, that is who you might be! This is where I have a problem with Eddie Jordan and Andre's assessment.

Eddie, you need to stop with the it's coming along, we are getting better upbeat stuff. I don't get it? What was pre-season basketball for? You don't implement and entirely new concept that takes the whole franchise a season to learn. How about a little at a time?

You should have implimented base sets and the foundation and stuck with that and some standard sets until they can do that in their sleep. You then can compensate with a somewhat simplistic level of strategy with hard aggressive work. Out hustle your opponent on the basketball court. Which you should do anyhow. But that is very difficult when you are thinking too much about the system. Which is the entire point!

Continue reading "Yet Another 4th Quarter Flushed Down ..."

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